Thursday, March 31, 2022

Stretchy Cast Ons!

Do you have a knitting BFF? I do, and her name is Brenda Dayne. 💕 Despite being separated by 8 time zones and almost 5,000 miles, Brenda and I often find time to text and videochat about knitting. She has been podcasting about knitting for many years, long before we met in person. This week she and I get into the nitty gritty of stretchy cast ons. We discussed the three methods below in particular. For details on each, listen to our conversation on the latest episode of her podcast, Cast On.  All of her episodes are available at

There are many videos online about these techniques. Note that the way I do #2 and #3 is a little different from the standard method.

  1. Slip Knot Cast On (known by many names, but still just a series of slip knots.)
    My video from 2009 is here.
    Hand's Occupied's take on my method is here. A great interpretation of what I originally did.
    Janel Laidman Vaisbort's video is here - structure is slightly different than mine, and a little easier to tighten.
  2. Long Tail Cast On my way is here
  3. German Twisted Cast On my way is here

Soon I will be sharing with you a new heel design I have come up with recently, affectionately named "Jeny's Square Peg Heel" or JSPH for short. Stay tuned!

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