Sunday, October 18, 2009

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program...

Y'all can blame TECHKnitter for lighting a fire under my butt to figure out how to make illustrations, rather than relying solely on photos. For the past week or so I've been rather obsessed with learning this skill. And there's a learning curve, so I don't have anything presentable to share with you this week.

Well ok, I guess I can show you the result of my first lesson...

Anyway, in an effort to keep you entertained in spite of my lack of instructional materials for this post, I bring to you this little ditty:

(Watch on YouTube)

I suspect it will appeal to parents and cat-owners alike. It's amazing what babies will find to entertain themselves.

Stay tuned, my first illustration project will be instructions for Judy's Magic Rib.


  1. Kudos to you for figuring out illustrations! I think I'll only make it to the "make a video" stage of illustrating...

  2. . . .and how do you make illustrations? Is there some special software you use? Or are you and TK just using Paint or PhotoShop or Illustrator or what?
    Do tell!

  3. Adobe Illustrator appears to be a necessary tool for creating illustrations. I have been rather absorbed in learning the language for the last week (been dreaming of anchor points and handles), and still lots more to learn. I expect at some point I'll feel like I've gained enough knowledge that I can share! Feel free to get in touch with me offline if you are interested in getting little tips as I learn them.