Monday, November 2, 2009

A Lesson In Humility

There's something about actually drawing the path that yarn makes on a pair of needles that allows me to see just how much I've been overlooking. It is a very humbling experience. But a tremendous learning opportunity -- it's like putting on a pair of glasses, not knowing how badly you need them, and suddenly realizing how much you were missing in the way you were looking at the world before (and yes, I'm speaking from experience there).

Because of some very astute observations one reader (you know who you are) shared with me about my last couple of posts, I thought maybe I was missing something about the way I do Judy's Magic Cast-On, so I dove deeper into the physics and kinetics of this method (you guys are going to see just how much of a nerd I really am). And sure enough, I found some things I hadn't noticed before. Because I am an ├╝ber-perfectionist, the illustrations aren't quite ready in time for my self-imposed weekly Monday deadline, but they're in progress:

Click to view larger image

(These may also give you some idea as to the process I use to make the illustrations -- a few of you have been asking about that).

So, as I did before when my knitting content wasn't quite ready by Monday, I've uploaded another cute video of my little one to keep you entertained. This one's less than a minute, so do click on it and watch!

Watch it on YouTube

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