Sunday, June 26, 2011

Double Heelix: Demo video

Double Heelix went live three days ago, and I've been thrilled with the reception!

Here is a YouTube demo video I just put together, which walks you through the cast on and the first 2 cycles of the heel. It's definitely a challenging sock project to tackle, and I hope this makes it easier for knitters to get over the inital learning curve.

Thanks to everyone for your interest, I am honored. :)



  1. i can't wait to give this a try! it looks fascinating, fun, and something to get my brain around!

  2. Those are really helpful tips, thank you :-)

  3. Watched the video, now I too have to knit these! I love Judy's magic cast on. That's an amazing use of it.

  4. Hov do I knit the heelix the other way around ?
    My brain cant turn it the other way .I believe I will end up with two socks there are the same.
    Thanks for the video. It helped me a lot :-)

  5. Been wrestling with my circular needles that are 24 inches long.Would you suggest getting a longer set? Would that make it easier?

  6. Hi 🙂
    I cannot see the video. It says "privat" when I try to watch it.
    I am looking forward to try this pattern 🙂
    Best regards Mathilde

  7. i was hoping to watch your demo video about double heelix, but it's not available. I try, but I have a hard time with the written explanations only. could you help? I love these socks and I have got the yarn already! Thanks