Monday, June 6, 2011

Heelix: Teaser photos!

I have finished my first three working samples of Heelix and felt it was time to give folks a sense of what to expect at the Sock Summit next month. So, without firther ado...

On the left is a Heelix made with 2 variegated yarns from Prism. On the right is a Heelix made with 2 semisolid yarns from Smooshy. Both these socks were cast on at the heel, then the 2 strands divide at the ankle to make the leg and the foot, respectively.

These two socks show the wide range in color effect you can get depending on your yarn choices. The two Prism colors I picked (Alpine and Cabernet) overlap just a little bit in shade, making for a subtly-spiraling heel design with intermittent color convergence. The one on the right (the "manly" sock, so dubbed because my husband said to me, "hey, I'd actually wear that one." Harrumph.) is made with 2 shades of Smooshy: Grey Tabby and Black Pearl. In real life, the contrast is a little more evident than it is shown here.

Next we have here something a little different. And this begins to show the versatility of Heelix: did you know, you can use the Heelix cast on to make a helix toe, not just a helix heel? This gives you a helix all the way up the foot, then the 2 strands divide at the ankle to work heel and leg.

I knit this particular one using ToshSock in Citrus, and ShibuiSock in Pagoda.

So, Heelix used in combination with a sock construction worked entirely in the round is incredibly flexible. I am having a great time mixing and matching the colors in my yarns and my sock configurations. I hope this post will get my students psyched for what they will learn at the Sock Summit this July!


  1. I want to buy this pattern and I cannot go to sock summit.
    Can I have one?


    Pam in SW FL

  2. Thanks for your interest Pam, we'll figure something out. :) Drop me a line via my email address, jenyATcuriousknitterDOTcom.

  3. These socks are even more beautiful in person. I want to knit them all PLUS concoct my own ways to use Heelix!