Saturday, June 25, 2022

Tachyon: Collected errata

Howdy knitters!

Unless/until I send out new file updates, I'm keeping track of emerging errata here and also on the Ravelry Pattern page (bottom of the Notes field.)

Latest errata found:

All sizes, in the Heel section, under Working the Heel turn, Row 4 (WS) reads "Sl 1 p1 wyif..."  Alas, that p1 is supposed to be a pw

New addition to the pattern! 

Earlier today I sent a pdf file with a table listing the detailed line by line instructions for working the asynchronous clocks. If you purchased the pattern via Ravelry you should have also received an update from them. The index file applies to all sizes.

Previous updates to each size (v4 for sizes XS, S and M, v5 for size L) fixed the following errata and points of confusion:

- there were several numerical typos in the size Large.
- link to Judy's Magic Cast On,
- a little more detail about negative ease, and determining the right size,
- correct (!) page numbers

I'll keep you posted of anything else that turns up.  

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